Lower impact materials that also encourage better manufacturing and recycling practices - good for product and planet.

sustainably sourced

All of our paper and board is sourced from managed forests.

plastic free

When we say plastic free, we mean no plastic - no petrochemicals, including PBAT (google it)


Made from naturally occurring materials that regenerate within our lifetime.

Printing that reduces our imprint. Techniques and materials that reduce waste and leave non-toxic residues.

non-toxic inks

Inks made from vegetables and other lovely, natural things.


With no printing plates of forms, digital print creates less waste during than traditional methods.


Rotary printing that uses up to 30% less ink than alternative methods - good for the environment and your conscience.

We only use materials that can be reused, recycled or composted. Simple. Sustainable. Circular.


Recycle as part of weekly council kerbside recycling programmes.

home compostable

For the green fingers. Home composts into healthy soil for plants, vegetables and garden worms.


The majority of our packaging is available with returnable strips.

Little, local and lightweight - efficiency that reduces energy expenditure from factory to customer.

printed in the UK

Packaging that’s produced within the UK - less travel for lower emissions.

volume reduction

Little packages equal less space for trucking and shipping. With a wide range of stock options we'll have sizes to suit your needs.

weight reduction

Lightweight packages for a lower carbon footprint.

plastic free

100% compostable

alternative inks



100% recyclable

simple. sustainable. packaging.

We’ve built freckl on these three words. We love packaging and good, considered products. But we love our planet too.

And, so, we set up freckl to offer brands high-quality, impactful packaging - that doesn’t impact the planet.

All through a personal customer portal that is simple and easy-to-use.

Sustainability, made simple.

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